Charles E. Rickard


 Rickard's name is synonymous with variety, vitality, and persistence. He has at times combined producing, screenwriting, acting, appearing as a regular radio talk panelist, conducting a successful business, and spending time with his two children into a very full and happy life. His children have moved to California, which gives him a good excuse to go there several times a year. Recently he remarried, after meeting his wife on the Internet and going to New York City on a blind date. She is of Russian ancestry and had been living in Latvia for twenty years. This too is a very compelling story still in the works.

 Born on a farm in Western Pennsylvania, he took his country roots to Baltimore where he currently resides. They say a good author is some who writes what he knows. If that is so, Rickard has a wealth of experiences from which to draw. After graduating from Indiana University of Pa with a degree in Liberal Arts - Natural Sciences, he continued his education at Towson University, Johns Hopkins, and University of Maryland Medical School.

 In no particular order than possibly a time line, he has been: a farm worker, grave-digger, and a math analyst. He joined the Navy Medical Corps, ands was active duty two summers including a forensics working on over six hundred autopsies. After leaving medical school, he started his own business which continues to the present.

 Diversity was always his key to success. He studied classical piano for fifteen years, became a professional actor and is a member of both AFTRA and SAG. He began screenwriting in 1985 and his third script: Maskim Xul was produced in 1990. Bringing his visionary style he developed in screenwriting to writing novels, he has been able to do work that keeps the reader enthralled from beginning to end.

 Fatal Choice is his second work, and many believe this could be his breakout novel.