Fatal Choice

Story Background

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The United States of America, the grand and noble experiment of our forefathers, is coming to an end. What started as a government Of the People, By the People, and For the People, has grown to unsustainable behemoth, bringing virtual serfdom through taxation and regulation.
In this story set in the not-so-distant future, Fatal Choice: The Last Days of the USA chronicles the series of events and subsequent bad decisions that will forever alter the lives of the millions that now make America their home.
After a string of terrorist acts hit the heart of the country, the 45th president, Jake Madison, begins to remake the nation into the country he feels it should be. Nothing seemingly can stop him. Using existing law, he dissolves the other two branches of government, removing the checks and balances in his way, becoming a virtual dictator and the United States a totalitarian state.
The people of America will not easily give in and a diehard resistance group called the "Patriots" do their best to rectify the situation. Madison, using the vast resources at his disposal, hits them with a ruthless force seldom seen before in history. The story of their heroic struggles will break your heart and hopefully give you strength.

This is a novel of a seemingly inevitable future based on existing and probable future law. It is written as a warning and a map for preparation. The reader only needs to pick up the daily newspaper to know it is coming, possibly sooner than you think.